My Platform

Small Town Economic Development

This can be spurred along through grants designated for low population centers and by simply bringing more tax dollars home. If we bring in business, we bring in people; people spend money locally, which encourages even more business; once the ball gets rolling, this starts a cycle that benefits the entire district.


Infrastructure is expensive, and many of our towns don’t have enough population to sustain those costs; we need to make sure the state doesn’t forget the towns that built this state.


Our area is built on roads; they’re how we get to school, travel to work, and deliver products. We need to ensure proper funding to maintain and improve our transportation network.


Our district has the only National Monument in the state (Effigy Mounds National Monument) as well as some of the most beautiful recreational areas (Pikes Peak State Park, Yellow River State Forest, every city park, every single mile of river). The state doesn’t provide tourism money, but if we properly advertise these assets, we can greatly increase our tourism revenue.

Well-Funded Education

Rural schools have plenty of hidden costs that urban schools don’t have to deal with, and the state budget needs to reflect that so that every school, and more importantly every student, is on equal footing.  

Mental Health

Mental health is a severe oversight in Iowa. We have a lack of beds for people in crisis, a lack of proper health care coverage, and a lack of awareness. We need to expand our system to make sure that people can have access to the help they need.

Other Issues Worth Addressing


  • Allowing military veterans to receive care in a local hospital, rather than having to travel to a VA Clinic
  • Making EMS funding an essential service in order to receive funds from the state
  • Ensuring affordable health care
  • Teaching sustainable agriculture
  • Practicing responsible conservation
  • Establishing safe water quality
  • Providing aid to small family farms that struggle against large corporate farms
  • Creating decent and sustainable wages