Andy Kelleher for Iowa House District 56

About Me

My Background

I have lived in New Albin, Iowa, since my youth. I attended Kee High School in Lansing, Iowa, and graduated there in 2014. I worked at Village Creek Bible Camp for six years in positions ranging from being a cabin counselor to serving on the leadership team. In addition, I have worked and volunteered with ministries across the nation. Having lived in a small Iowa town for most of my life, I am very passionate about helping our small towns succeed.

My Top Issues

I believe that a strong, healthy community is the key to better lives in Allamakee and Clayton Counties. We need to transform our district into a place that not only welcomes new businesses but actively encourages them. To that end, we absolutely need to ensure that our schools remain well funded. We need to make sure our rural hospitals have enough funds to stay open. We need to help communities build and maintain their infrastructure; while we may not be able to make our roads wider, we can make them smoother. We need to support our local farmers along with local business owners. Our communities need to become a place where businesses actively want to set up shop. One damaged link can hurt the entire chain, so let's work on strengthening it!

How is this campaign different?

I want to strip away anything that doesn't have to do with my policy. I'm not going to waste campaign money on material that does nothing more than create name recognition. If I can't win your vote by my policy alone, I have no business receiving your vote. If you know my name, that's not a good reason to vote for me. If you like the fact that I've worked in many ministry jobs, that's not a good reason to vote for me. If you like the idea of a budget campaign, that's still not a good reason to vote for me. There are only two questions that should matter: do you like my policy, and do you believe me?


My campaign is heavily focused on not wasting money, and that begins right now. Starting out, my campaign will consist of me driving to the different communities in District 56 to visit with all the voters. So any start-up donations will go toward print materials and fuel costs. If you want to help me spread my message, click the button below!


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Kelleher for Iowa

218 1st Street SE, New Albin, IA 52160